Sunset Bay Hotel

Sunset Bay Hotel opened in December 2006. The northern end of Zanzibar is an increasingly popular destination with beautiful sandy beaches and coves for warm and safe swimming. The Hotels central areas are set in beautifully landscaped gardens and located on a slightly elevated rocky outcrop with an adjoining beautiful sandy bay and fabulous clear water.


NUNGWI, ZANZIBAR. It is situated on the northern part (NUNGWI) of the island of Zanzibar, one hour drive from the Airport and Stone Tow.

Health & Safety:

The air of Zanzibar is as fresh and healthy as can be found anywhere. Mosquitos are rarely to be found in beach front hotel facilities but as Malaria does exist on the island it is advisable to consult your doctor about preventative measures. When visiting Stone Town you are advised to wear sensible clothing as a mark of respect to the local population and to protect you from the sun. It is vital that you take care of your skin as the sun can be stronger than it seems. Do not wear expensive jewellery away from the hotel and do not wander around in unlit areas at night. Zanzibar is a very safe place but like anywhere else do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk particularly in regard to petty theft.

Special Feature: Zanzibar is one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world. Stone Town is a World Heritage Site and its romantic history of Sultans and Spices have made this verdant Indian Ocean island one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. We say KARIBU meaning WELCOME.