Nungwi Village Beach Resort

Nungwi Village Beach Resort consists of several seafront bungalows with the traditional african style makuti thatched roofs purposely-built to blend with the natural surroundings and it is one of the ideal get-away for anyone who needs a relaxing holiday. It is also for those adventurous people looking for some exclusive atmosphere combining the Village life without sacrificing many comforts whilst preserving and balancing the delicate flora and fauna of the land and the sea. These bungalows have been constructed to match with the typical traditional village type theme whereby people with the different cultures from the various parts of the world come, stay & relax.


Excellent location on the beach near Nungwi village, on the northernmost point of the island.


Situated just six degrees south of the Equator, Zanzibar enjoys a typical tropical climate - lovely warm weather and pleasant sea breezes that gently carry cool air off the Indian Ocean.

The archipelago islands of Zanzibar experience ideal holiday weather for most of the year, with the exception of April and May which are subject to seasonal rains. There are also slight showers, which fall during the month of November. Being near the equator the islands are generally warm all year round, however, summer and winter are officially recorded in December and June respectively.