Matemwe Lodge

<p> Matemwe Bungalows offers you a perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. Enjoy the contrasting colours of the Indian Ocean, the fine powder sand of the beach and the wild bush vegetation. Meet the friendly villagers, experience the local fish market and explore the ocean reefs on your doorstep. Here, in harmony with the environment and in co-operation with the local people, Matemwe Bungalows was built to offer you a perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. The rural northeast coast of Zanzibar is well known for its fine weather and natural beauty. That's why we call it the Sunny Side of Paradise. After years of loving care the garden of Matemwe Bungalows forms a small oasis in this otherwise dry scrub bush land.</p>


<p>Matemwe Bungalows is situated on the northeast coast of Zanzibar one kilometre north of Matemwe Village. It's a 45-minute drive from Stone Town.</p>


<p> Matemwe Bungalows is an excellent stay at almost any time of the year, as Zanzibar has a tropical climate which is fairly stable - average temperature never drops below 25 degrees. Water temperature is just as nice with an average temperature of 20 degrees. Matemwe Bungalows is closed during the rain season (April-May).</p>