Fundu Lagoon Resort

Fundu Lagoon is a new resort in the Indian Ocean, spread over 18 acres Nestled into the secluded, undiscovered coastline of the Wambaa Peninsular the location boasts 4.5 Kilometres of white, sandy beach.


Located on the West Coast of the island of Pemba, north of the Zanzibar mainland. You can fly to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) or Zanzibar from anywhere in the world then take the scheduled flight between Zanzibar and Pemba - three flights a week Mon and Thurs am / Fri pm - additional flight expected soon you may also take the short trip by ferry between Zanzibar and Pemba. From Pemba access is only by boat You will be met from the ferry transfered in speedboats to Fundu Lagoon.


Situated in the tropics, the climate is as such hot and humid. The seawater is just as warm with an average temperature of 20ºC and is very calm. Below is a summary of the seasons and best times to visit: July October: During this period, there is little rain, the average temperature is 25ºC and the humidity is low. Light breezes at night provide some relief from the hot days. Not as many tourists as in January, so for somebody who likes a bit of privacy, it is ideal. November March: Are good months although the short rains come at this time and it is very hot and humid. Added to this is the Muslim festival of Ramadhan in December/January, which see Muslims fasting during the daytime for an entire month. This festival moves back a couple of days every year, so be sure to check here again if you plan on going to Zanzibar a couple of years down the line. Some local restaurants, bars and discos are closed during this period. All resort and accommodation entertainment is still open though. If you are planning to go to a resort, this is a fantastic time. April June: This is the quiet season. The long monsoon rains pour down. It does not rain the whole day every day, but you will have to remain indoors for some time when they come down. If you are on a budget trip, then this is the best time in terms of price unfortunately. Many resorts are closed though during this period, so you will have a smaller selection of places to stay.