Fumba Beach Lodge

Situated on one of Zanzibars most beautiful and secluded beaches, with ultimate privacy, "Fumba Beach Lodge" offers relaxation and personal service which will fulfill your most romantic dreams, with its magnificent architecture and ancient culture, the Lodge is concealed well away from the busy tourist areas, making it the perfect venue for enjoying the peace and tranquility of this tropical island paradise. Fumba Beach Lodge is the first and only lodge offering accommodation on the pristine Fumba Peninsula within the Menai Bay; Established by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), Menai Bay Conservation Area was designed to give Zanzibaris in the Fumba area a vested interest in their environment so they will protect it. The project is aimed at teaching villagers how to conserve their natural heritage, and how to profitably exploit it in a sustainable manner.


Located on the peaceful South-Western coast of the exotic island of Zanzibar, lying on an untouched beach and forest, just 30 minutes southwest of Zanzibars historic capital, Stone Town


Daytime temperatures usually vary between 26 and 28 degrees centigrade. The hottest season is January and February but there is usually a refreshing sea breeze.