Chume Island Lodge

Chumbe Island accommodates no more than 14 people, so you've got the island almost to yourself. The structures have been built using natural materials and have won numerous awards for their eco-friendly design. The main lodge was built in the shape of a giant clam over the ruins of the old lighthouse keeper's cottage. Besides the main lodge and seven bungalows, there's an old mosque, which the Swahili staff still use, and an abandoned lighthouse, which you can climb to admire the view. From the top of the lighthouse, 132 stairs later, you'll see that Chumbe is about a kilometre long and 300m wide. The perimeter is dotted with coconut palms, mangroves and enormous baobabs. The emerald canopy of the coral-rag forest stretches towards the pristine blue ocean. Further out in the ocean are a few tiny coral outcrops, which can be accessed from the lodge during low tide. In the shallows you will find bright-red starfish, sea cucumbers and giant, fossilised clams.

The only thing that's missing at Chumbe is a good sandy strip of beach, but with all the sun lounges and hammocks on which to laze about you'll hardly miss it. The staff at Chumbe is fantastic, providing all the individual attention you require. They also understand when you just want to be left alone to enjoy paradise with your partner.


Chumbe Island is one of the most romantic and one of our most recommended places to stay. The island is situated southwest of Stone Town and is the only Marine Reserve near Unguja Island.


Tropical hot and humid with an average temperature of 20ºC. Rainy month is April and May. July to October has an average temperature is 25ºC and the humidity is low with cool nights. November to March have short rains and is VERY hot and humid.