Changuu Private Island Paradise

The islet lies 3 ½ miles to the northwest of Zanzibar Town, and it is oblong in shape about a mile by 250 yards at the broadest part. Changuu is reachable in a comfortable 20' boat drive by a traditional Dhow (fishing boat).

Changuu Private Island Paradise (Prison Island) has been described as a Small Paradise on Earth, with its private white beach surrounded by pristine waters, the so called Prison Ruins, was collapsed and it has been restored as it was in the time of its construction, 1893. Its authenticity has been preserved, by adapting it to new uses: the Prison Fort is nowadays the main cultural area of the island. Prison Island, once a Quarantine Station, is a heaven for rare bird species and Aldabra Giant tortoises, with 27 stunning sea facing beds, a magnificent restoration project done by the owners of these islands, reclaiming a block of 19th century colonial building and adding other new cottages in the local architecture style. The white sandy beaches of Prison Island, the dense forest and the splendour of the graceful dhows fishing at night draws foreigners and frequent tourists that come on excursion alike to Zanzibar year after year.

In this Paradise Island, 3 ½ miles away from the mainland Zanzibar, the management often recommends to their guests to arrive wearing a swimming costume or a bikini; once you have landed on the island, the dream has just begun.


The climate varies from warm to hot, though there is always a pleasant fine breeze from the Indian Ocean. The heavy rainfall is from March to end May and further short rains fall in November. The relatively cool, dry period from June to October is particularly pleasant, with average temperatures of 25 degrees centigrade with cool long breezes of the southeast monsoon prevailing.