Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa

The hotel opened in December 1999, and was fully operational for the millennium. The Hotel offers a wide range of facilities in addition to the magic Indian Ocean "Spice Island" itself. The hotel is situated on the most beautiful 25 acre site with its bedroom cottages located on rising ground overlooking verdant gardens, the public areas, the pool, the more than 1,000 beautiful palm trees, the sparkling white beach and the azure sea with its coral reef offering particularly warm and safe swimming.

"For more than 200 years, the islands of Unguja and Pemba along with much of the coast of Eastern Africa was ruled by the mighty Sultans of Zanzibar. They lived in splendour in their magnificent palaces where large, spacious rooms contained every creature comfort imaginable. At Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa, we have created two "superdeluxe" rooms where we feel sure that the Sultans themselves would have wanted to stay. Situated on the very edge of the Indian Ocean only a few metres from the brilliant, white sandy beach of Kiwengwa, these two Sultan Rooms are attended by Butlers, dressed in flowing traditional Swahili robes, whose sole aim is to ensure that your every need is met and surpassed. Spacious verandahs, furnished in true Zanzibar style, provide the ideal location for washing away your worries and your cares while the ample rooms with their 8 feet 'Sultan size' beds enable you to experience first hand what it must have been like to be a real Sultan. Of course, the Sultans never had access to all the technology that is to be found in our Sultan Rooms, but we feel certain that were they to pay us a surprise visit today, they would approve of all of the modern conveniences we have included"


The hotel is situated on the finest wide, white, sandy beach on the island of Zanzibar. Located on the East Coast in an area known as Kiwengwa, the hotel is only 35 minutes drive from Stone Town and the airport on a good tarmac road to within meters from the hotel.

The Environment

Bluebay Beach Resort is an environmentally friendly destination. Being mindful of our environment, the following are some of the measures and practices we have in place towards its protection: Waste water recycling plant which recycles all room, kitchen and laundry waste. The purified water is then used to maintain the beautiful tropical gardens Incinerator - used to incinerate all garden and kitchen rubbish. This is the only one of its kind on the island. All refrigerators and air conditioners comply with the latest regulations concerning the use of CFC's and other ozone harmful gases. The electrical and plumbing installations have been designed by European engineers and conform to the latest EU specifications. A certificate to this effect is available. All guestrooms are fitted with modern energy saving devices and all electrical installations employ the latest in energy efficient technology All solid roof areas are designed to allow for the collection of rainwater. This is stored, treated and used to supplement other water supplies. The gardens have been purposely landscaped using indigenous tress, plants, shrubs and ground cover to attract the varied birds of the island and to provide an insight to visitors of the diverse tropical vegetation on the island. They are actively pursuing the government of Zanzibar to declare the Kiwenga area a marine and nature reserve in an effort to protect plant and marine life in the area.