Bawe Tropical Island

Bawe Tropical Island is exclusive and exquisite bare-foot luxury in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. The islet lies 6 miles to the west of Zanzibar Town. (a 30 minutes boat ride).Bawe Tropical Island is an island not bigger than a football pitch; a spectacular private island, a haven of peace, silence and cut off ness from the madding outside world. Its perfect setting for those escaping on a romantic breakaway.

Situated off Zanzibar's west coast, Bawe offers breathtaking marine life. The waters around the island are an excellent location for diving and snorkeling. During the 1870's, the island was an important telecommunications link between Zanzibar, Seychelles, Aden and South Africa Bawe Tropical Island creates an innovative up-market concept in the hospitality services in Zanzibar, with its stunning location on a private and secluded island.that offers a very elementary place with no air condition; Instead simplicity, anonymity and freedom are the determining factors for the guests, Bawe Tropical Island is ideal for those looking to escape a hectic lifestyle. The island possesses all the alluring dreams of isolation, of remoteness, of getting away from it all.


The climate varies from warm to hot, though there is always a pleasant fine breeze from the Indian Ocean. The heavy rainfall is from March to end May and further short rains fall in November. The relatively cool, dry period from June to October is particularly pleasant, with average temperatures of 25 degrees centigrade with cool long breezes of the southeast monsoon prevailing.