Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

The Lake Manyara Serena Safari lodge has a spectacular dramatic setting overlooking the Great Rift Valley, the beautiful Soda Lake of Manyara and the Manyara National Park famous for it's tree-climbing lions. The extraordinary birdlife has made this place world-renowned among ornithologists, who come to observe the masses of pink flamingos and great birds of prey. The circular shape of the buildings is a tribute to indigenous architectural traditions and the abundant birdlife inspired the design of lodge - swooping curves are complemented by soft, geometric patterns; stylish murals depict bird migration patterns.. Beyond the superb standards of hospitality offered, there is a spirit of tranquility that prevails.

LOCATION: At Lake Manyara, on the edge of Mto A Mbu Escarpment. He distance is about 75 Km from Tarangire, 130 Km from Arusha, 60 Km from Ngorongoro, 205 Km from Serengeti and 02 Km from Manyara Airstrip serviced by scheduled flights twice daily.

CLIMATE: Tropical conditions that are relatively hot during the day and cool at night. During the months of June and September, it is much cooler. However, from March to May there is a series of œLong Rains, and the œShort Rainsare experienced during October and December. The hottest months are between October and February.