Lake Manyara Hotel

On the escarpment overlooking Lake Manyara National Park, set against the sides of the Rift Valley, which here forms a spectacular escarpment sloping some 300 meters. The park contains a very dense equatorial forest and a remarkable concentration of wildlife. They say that the lions here are perched on trees, while countless colonies of pink flamingos, pelicans and thousands of other lake-dwelling birds flap and splash amid hippos. Built 1,400 meters above sea level on the western escarpment of the huge Rift Valley, Lake Manyara Hotel overlooks the glassy lake of the Manyara National Park.

LOCATION: At Lake Manyara, approximately 130 km (2 hours) by road from Arusha130 kms
(80 kms of tarmac road and 50kms of dust track) or less than 30 minutes by air to the Manyara airstrip located just 5 minutes from the hotel and served by scheduled flights.

CLIMATE: Tropical conditions with the plateau being relatively hot during the day and cool at night. During the months of June and September, it is much cooler. However, from March to May there is a series of œLong Rains, and the œShort Rainsare experienced during October and December. The hottest months are between October and February.