The Ark Lodge

Resembling and named after Noahs Ark, The Ark is a unique Tree-Hotel overlooking a floodlit water-hole and salt lick which attracts a host of wildlife. It is designed with decks from which numerous balconies and lounges which provide superb vantage points for game viewing on: -

  • Deck A: 10 Seating - Glassed-off viewing lounge overlooking the water hole.
  • Deck B: 60 Standing - Open balcony above the salt lick and waterhole, where spotlights are aimed from. Has an uninterrupted breath-taking view of the horizon.
  • Deck C: 30 Seating - Enclave just ahead of the main lounge, non-smoking, overlooking the water hole. The balcony on this deck offers an angled view of the waterhole and a small clearing before the advent of the dense forest.
  • Deck D: 25 Seating - A ground level bunker provides excellent photographic opportunities.


  • Children under the age of 7 are not permitted at The Ark unless on Childrens Nights
  • Photographic flashlights not permitted as disruptive to the animals
  • Noise should be limited


  • Only a light overnight bag recommended and the rest of the luggage is stored at the base hotel.
  • A warm jacket ideal for the chilly evening especially if outside on the open balconies.


  • Three 28-Seater Buses, And 1 40-Seater Bus for transfers
  • Six 7-Seater Land-cruisers for transfers and game drives


In the centre of Aberdare National Park. The distance is about 180 Kms (02 hours) from Nairobi to the base hotel Aberdare Country Club and 17 Kms. (30 minutes) from Aberdare Country Club to the Ark. The airstrips are Mweiga, 02 Kms away (no scheduled flights) and Nanyuki 60 Kms (01 hour) serviced by daily scheduled flights from Nairobi.


At an altitude of about 3,900 metres about sea level, the evenings and nights can be quite chilly and sometimes of the year very foggy.