Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria lies at the beginning of Kenya's great Nothern Wilderness. The lake is the heart of an arid landscape, in the shadow of the dramatic walls of the Siracho Range.

The soda waters of lake Bogoria attract massive flocks of Flamingo, and the lake is often carpeted with pink. The 32 sq km lake is still volcanically active, and the Western shore is lined with spouting geysers, spurting steam and bubbling geothermal pools. Fresh water springs at the lake edge attract an abundance of birds and wildlife.

There are many Fish Eagles on Lake Bogoria, which often prey on the local flamingos.The shores are always lined with Gazelle, Zebra, Baboons and this is one of the best places to see Greater Kudu. Lake Bogoria should perhaps be on your next destination List.